We provide the very best pan-tilt-zoom cameras with all our CCTV security systems Not only do these let you point the camera in multiple directions from a remote location, but you can also place cameras in multiple locations as well You will also have the ability to view video from any one of your cameras from your smartphone if you want to see a video that you missed, but you can also access a special cloud database that has an archive of all the recently recorded video This can be accessed from your smartphone as well. Remote Surveillance: This is another powerful FREE feature offered by AMEENA company. It allows you to access your video even when you’re not on-site. You can receive security alerts and images by SMS and/or email from our automated surveillance system. Our CCTV Surveillance products range are:
– HD analogue surveillance systems.
– IP Surveillance Systems.
– PTZ & Thermal Cameras.
– Cables & Accessories.
– Integrated Systems.

Intrusion Alarm

Ameena security systems protects premises from intrusion attempts, theft, and a break-in for your home, business. They guarantee high precision detection and alarm signaling also to counteract tamper activity. With Ameena, security joins up with ease. In fact, thanks to the technologies dedicated to home and building automation, it is possible to manage your home or any other property when you are either there or away, at a simple touch.
Our intrusion alarm services:
– Wired & Wireless Systems.
– Indoor & Outdoor Detectors.
– Integrated Systems with home automation.
– Communication Devices.

Fire Alarm

Ameena fire detection systems protects spaces from the risk of fire and explosion and ensure high precision in detection, alarm signaling, fire extinction and evacuation from the premises. The wide range of available control panels can provide systems for all sizes and requirements, our fire products range are:
– Addressable Fire Alarm System.
– Conventional Fire System.
– Special Detection System.
– Gas Detection.
– PUBLIC ADDRESS &Voice Evacuation Systems.

Fire Fighting

manual firefighting products:
Ameena provides fire extinguishers to meet every type of emergency. Our fire extinguishers are fully certified and have been rigorously tested to ensure that they provide the required protection for your property. We provide the following types of fire extinguishers: CO₂, Dry Powder, Water, Foam, Clean Agent, and Wet Chemical.

Automatic Firefighting systems:
we became specialized by offering complete solutions under one roof for all types of high quality firefighting equipment, Fire protection systems, Fire alarm system, Addressable emergency systems, Our products and systems have been certified by UL, FM, BSI, LPCB & Global Mark in consistent with International Standards. Our Quality Management System, ISO 9001 has been certified by BSI & UL-DQS. Fire Protection System:
– Water-based System.
– Gas-based Extinguishing System (CO2, FM200).
– Foam-based Extinguishing System.
– Powder-based Extinguishing System.
– Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System.

Access Control

Ameena offers a full suite of access control products that are reliable, easy to install, and easily scalable, Access control addresses the full scope of risks that might arise, including risks that other security systems such as burglar alarms and intrusion detection simply are not designed to handle. By preventing people from entering places where they do not belong, access control protects against theft as well as liability and disruption to your operations. Access control can also integrate with other security and operational systems to give you a comprehensive, cohesive management tool. Tracking Access: One of the biggest advantages that our access control systems offer is the ability to determine quickly who may have gained access to critical areas before and after an incident. Improved Security Access control enhances security by eliminating the need for keys, which are easily lost or duplicated & disappear when terminated employees fail to return them. By using our access control badges instead, you can quickly & conveniently adjust or delete privileges any time an employee’s status changes. Workplace and functionality Certain work environments can be hazardous, especially where there is heavy equipment or intense activity. Access control systems from Ameena help you ensure that only authorized individuals enter these areas.

IP Telephony

We offer turnkey telephone systems, PABX systems, PBX Systems & IP PBX Systems from reputed Vendors. The right system ensures that all incoming and outgoing calls reach the right person. It also keeps its cool during busy times, grows with your business, and provides technical features that enhance your phone system. IP Telephone System allows you to combine several geographically distributed offices into a single telephony system, to provide free telecommunications for the home and mobile workers. Flexibility with IP telephony: You can take our IP telephone home with you, to your holiday cottage, or when traveling. It works in any network socket. As long as the internet is available, you can take our IP telephone with you and use it everywhere. Practical and simple if you change your location in the office or if the entire company moves.

Solar System

Turn-key solutions for Solar Photovoltaic Systems Our main goal is to provide our customers in the region with easy access to and economic use of solar technologies. We will be the one who is responsible for procuring all equipment and materials necessary for the project to be constructed entirely by us and verified that it’s functioning perfectly. Furthermore, our team will carry out the project budget management for you. our services:
Full turnkey solutions of on-grid or off-grid photo-voltaic systems for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications.
A fully detailed engineering design of on-grid or off-grid PV systems for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications is conducted by our team and provided to clients.
We will be the one who is responsible for procuring all equipment and materials necessary for the project to be constructed entirely by us and verified that it’s functioning perfectly. Furthermore, our team will carry out the project budget management for you

Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems are supposed to protect buildings from fire or mechanical destruction and to protect persons in buildings from injury or even death, in Addition the protection of ELECTRIC and electronic devices from Damages It’s also earth termination system is a prerequisite for protecting people from dangerously high voltages and for the safe operation of electric systems in buildings. An earth-termination system forms the basis for the proper function of the:

– Electric Systems (power supply).
– Electronic Systems (Information and Data Technology).
– Surge protection.
– Antenna earthing.
– Earth-termination.